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Swiping Sucks, Use Filters

Are you sick of swiping through people who are clearly not a good match for you?

Filters was created to quickly find the 1% of people who are perfect for you.

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How It Works

Take a 10 question survey that gets to the root of your personality.

Then we will show you people who you have a lot in common with. This works a lot better than just showing you a random list of people like all the other dating sites do.

Designed by Leading Psychologists

Other dating sites might ask things like “do you like the beach or the mountains” and that is ok, but it doesn't get to the root of your personality.

Our questions were designed by clinical psychologists and are based on leading academic research. Questions like “are you shy or outgoing”, “do you stick to what you know or try new things” do a much better job of getting to the root of who you are.

Start with a 10 question survey


How It Works


Not yet. 

We want to make a product people love and then we will charge for some aspects of the site after it becomes hugely popular.

All the other dating sites make money by charging monthly fees or charging for upgrades. They don’t actually want to find you great matches right away.  If they did you would delete the app and they would lose a ton of money. 

Filters is being designed to only make money when you meet somebody you like and go on a real date with them.

We ask everyone to answer a 10 question personality quiz and then we show you people who have similar personality characteristics. You get a feed of people and you can say if you are interested or not.

When 2 people both indicate they are interested in each other then a match is made and you can chat with them.

Most of them are. However ours was designed based on leading academic research on the nature of personality and it was developed with the help of clinical psychologists.

Many sites will ask questions like “do you like the beach or the mountains” and that is ok but a better question would be “are you shy or outgoing”

By asking questions that really get to the root of your personality we can find people you are most likely to be compatible with.

My name is Justin Baker and I have worked in tech my whole career. I am 37 years old and still single and that was definitely not my plan.

I’ve been on all the other dating apps for years and met some cool ladies, but the other sites just are not working for me and at this age I am running out of time.

I am sick of swiping through tons of profiles of women I clearly have nothing in common with. I’ve found that if I see 10 profiles then usually just 1 of them might have something in common with me.  Realistically I need to swipe through 100 just to find one woman that looks like she would be a great match for me.

I wanted to build a site that would help everyone find their best possible match quickly.

If you want to learn more about my background here is my linkedin.

Messaging only happens when 2 people indicate that they are interested in each other by clicking a button. So you can only be messaged by people you said you are interested in.

A few wierdos might slip through, but random people cannot message you.

I think it is really screwed up that other dating sites let any random person message you.

No, there is none of that.

If dating sites just did their job none of that would be necessary.


This isn’t some nameless, faceless corporation. This is my personal project and I’m putting my name on it.

I hate it when companies sell data on users or do other shady junk like that. I just want a dating site that actually does a good job of finding people that I would be compatible with.  I would be happy to pay for that and I suspect a lot of people feel the same way.

Be yourself, but put some effort into your profile. Take some time to think about writing a bio that really describes who you are.  This site helps match people with similar personality characteristics, but a 10 question quiz can only do so much.

People that write a thoughtful bio are more likely to be liked by other people on dating sites.

Also, whether you end up using this site or another one it’s best to take some pictures that demonstrate what you are interested in. If you just want to stay home and watch TV or play video games that is fine because a lot of people feel the same way.  So post some pictures of that.

This isn’t Instagram – it’s not a place to pretend like your life is more awesome than it is. You are much more likely to find somebody you truly love if you just make your profile reflect who you are.

  1. Please, Please, Please do not send something like this:
    1. Hey
    2. How are you
    3. What are you up to
    4. Hi
  2. Come up with at least a sentence or two that indicates you are actually interested in the other person. Here are some examples:
    1. Hey, I saw that you also like (insert topic). I am also into that, how did you first get into it?
    2. I really liked your second picture. Where did you take it?
    3. It looks like we have the same political views. How do you feel about (insert topic)?
  1. Yes, it is about as safe as any website can be. Nation states like the USA and China can still get access to pretty much every website in the world but other than that we follow all the best practices that leading cyber security professionals recommend.
  2. Hackers don’t care about your dating life, they want your credit card information more than anything else. Since we don’t charge for anything at this time we don’t have the thing they want most.  Any hacker that wants to make money would just skip this site and look for another target.
  3. Lastly most companies that have problems getting hacked do so because they are not following best practices. More than 90% of all hacks could be prevented simply by following best practices.

Just email me at justin at Tryfilters dot com.

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